Saturday, July 9, 2016

PCI and DASCOM have a great upgrade offer for line printer users

Printer Connection Inc. (aka PCI) is a recognized leader in high-speed business printers and has a long heritage as a reseller of TallyDASCOM, Tally, Genicom and TallyGenicom printers. 

PCI and our vendor partner DASCOM Americas, the source of Tally and TallyDASCOM business transaction printers, now team up and announce a great offer to old line printer users.

Right now, line printer users can get a $500 trade-in rebate when they purchase a new top-end Tally T2380 bundle for each of their older line matrix impact printers they trade in to DASCOM. 

Many business users have experienced that parts are harder and harder to get for these old line printers.  PCI has shared the news of how some line printers and parts are being discontinued by manufacturers.  Many of our PCI customers report they still rely on critical impact printing jobs, but their total volumes have dropped. Now, here's a great and simple answer available to these customers!

Printer Connection is one of the largest DASCOM reseller partners in the country.  To find out the particulars on this packaged offer and to order this special deal, call Warren Neeley toll free at 866-430-6202. IT Resellers are welcome to team with PCI on this deal for their customers.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Thoughts on InfoPrint 75 and InfoPrint 100 CF Continuous Form Printers

Don't be captive in the Ricoh cage with the InfoPrint 75 or InfoPrint 100.


NO NEW PRINTERS: The IP75 and IP100 are no longer sold new. Ricoh never let their Copier / "Office Solutions" dealers have access to sales or parts to deliver service. 

NO RESELLER CONTRACTS: You cannot buy a Ricoh service contract on a used IP75 from a printer reseller if you do not already have a contract with them.  You have to additionally go deal with Ricoh RPPS.

NO VENDOR SALES EXPERTS: Ricoh Production Print Solutions fired all the InfoPrint sales team and resellers that sold into the Distribution and Manufacturing industries. Then, not surprisingly, IP75 and IP 100 sales dropped off to nearly none. The only folks that really understand these printers are the former resellers like Printer Connection.

NO UPGRADE PATH:  There is no follow-on printer for the IP75. Now Ricoh RPPS concentrates on this enormous, million-dollar inkjet press-style print-for-profit equipment.

NO SERVICE CHOICES: You cannot get good third-party InfoPrint 75 service because not enough of these units were sold to put enough parts machines and used parts into the market, and Ricoh is a pain to deal with for parts.

CHOOSE A VENDOR THAT CARES: There are nice choices for new CF Lasers, and you don't have to be captive to a Dead-End product, a 'Don't-Care' vendor and a 'Don't-Want-to-be-Bothered' supply chain for toner.  We have some wonderful solutions for CF printing.  Choose great support, great pre-sales consulting and testing, and Make Printing Great Again (sorry, got carried away...).

Contact Warren Neeley, Printer Connection at 817-430-6202 or

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dry Erase Markers and the Problem with "Industry Standard"

We got a new dry erase board to replace the old one. The marks on the old one just would not erase, and it was discolored. It was time. So, we got a new board and guess what? Our new board didn't erase any better than the old one. Hmmm. Must be bad old markers, right?
We got new markers, just like everyone uses.  Just like you see everywhere you go.  The "EXPO" brand seems to be what everybody uses.  They are sold by everybody.

New markers on the new board just didn't erase very well. SHOOT! Now what? Did we waste our money on a defective board?

After just not working on the board for a while, I decided to try some no-name markers from another source.  WOW! They erase, like my Dad would say "Slicker 'n a nickel!"  They are GREAT!

What does this have to do with Printers? Customers buy Zebra thermal printers, and WHY?  Everyone, everywhere, and everybody.  But then, ask.  Are Zebras as good as the BEST?  Did folks just GET USED TO THEM? Do Zebras work as WELL AS OTHER ONES?  Are they "Slicker 'n a nickel!" ?

Other units understand and use the Zebra language perfectly, and have been for years. Ask us about thermal printers, and ones that just might work fine in your environment.

I'm sure glad I tried some other markers.  Now, back to my website planning on my dry erase board. 

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Printer Connection is Distributor for Compuprint Serial Dot Matrix Printer

Printer Connection is Distributor for Compuprint Serial Dot Matrix Printers
The Compuprint family of printers continues the 4247 series once manufactured as the IBM 4247, along with other unique Compuprint printers.  The 9300 / 10300 models hold the distinction as the world’s fastest tabletop dot matrix printers. 

RMC | Compuprint, a joint venture between RMC International Inc. and Compuprint S.R.L., has teamed up with Printer Connection, Inc. of Fort Worth, Texas in order to grow and serve the North American Compuprint reseller and customer base.         
Compuprint, the original manufacturer of the IBM / InfoPrint 4247, is a leader in the development and manufacturing of serial impact, thermal and transactional printing solutions for professional, industrial and transactional front office applications.      
Printer Connection (PCI), one of the US leaders in Industrial Printer sales, has agreed to distribute and inventory the Compuprint family of products across their growing network of printer resellers.         
Reasons for customers to select a Compuprint printer may include:  requiring genuine IPDS language for assured compatibility with legacy IBM AS/400, System i and Mainframe applications; using less capital investment to replace lower speed legacy white IBM 6400 line printer models; placing additional printers into a current 4247 install base; complying with a current 4247 company certification; needing heavy-duty printers for mission-critical print applications.         
All new Compuprint 4247 printers will ship with a twelve month on-site 5x9 NBD next business day warranty, and can be purchased with extended maintenance coverage.  For availability and pricing, contact Warren Neeley at Printer Connection, or visit: 
Warren Neeley
Printer Connection, Inc.
1712 Lacy Drive
Fort Worth, TX  76117


Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Printer Connection Now Sole US Distributor for Printronix P7000 Series Line Printers

Here is the Announcement Letter that Printronix and PCI prepared on our new agreement --

Printer Connection Now Sole US Distributor for Printronix P7000 Series Line Printers

The P7000 line printer series, preceding the current P8000 series, has a strong history spanning nearly a decade and remains an ideal choice for select customers with legacy requirements.
November 12th, 2014  
Printronix P7000
Cabinet and Pedestal
Line Impact Printers

Printronix, a global leader in Industrial Line Impact and Thermal Printing Solutions, has teamed up with Printer Connection of Fort Worth, Texas to provide Printronix P7000 series Cartridge Line Printers to interested Reseller Partners and end users.  Although the newest P8000 series was launched by Printronix in 2013, limited final run quantities of P7000 models are being produced.  Printer Connection, one of the US leaders in Industrial Printer sales, has agreed to purchase and inventory all remaining P7000 production, and in doing so is now the sole Distributor for this product.

Reasons for customers to select a P7000 may include:  using less capital investment to replace legacy white cabinet Printronix P5000 and IBM 6400 line printer models; placing additional printers in a current P7000 install base; complying with a P7000 company certification; requiring legacy Twinax or Coax connectivity.

All of these remaining new P7000 printers from Printer Connection and their Reseller Partners will be supported by Printronix through at least the start of 2020, will ship with a three month on-site 5x9 NBD next business day warranty, and can be purchased with extended maintenance coverage.  Additionally, a very limited number of Printronix-produced TallyGenicom 6600 series line impact printers are also available.  For availability and pricing, contact Warren Neeley at Printer Connection, or visit:

1712 Lacy Drive, Fort Worth, TX 76177

15345 Barranca Parkway, Irvine, CA 92618

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Windows 7 and Windows 8 Supported Line Printers and Dot Matrix Printers

Many an enterprise switched to a new software on a new Windows platform, and then faced the issue of trying to bring along their trusty impact printers.  The old workhorse Genicom, Tally, IBM, Printronix, C.Itoh or Dataproducts line printers do not have drivers that support the newest Windows versions.   

Printer Connection has a great selection of printers with the capability to print on the various new Windows systems.  

Contact Warren Neeley at or click here to go to his website to ask for help.

Monday, June 30, 2014

Printronix P7220 / Printronix P7C20: Affordable Replacement for the old Printronix P5220 and P5215

Printronix P7220 a.k.a. Printronix P7C20 Cabinet Model Line Printer

There are hundreds of faithful users of the Printronix P5000 family, and many of them use the fastest models in the line.  The P5220 runs at 2000 lines per minute (LPM) and the P5215 hits 1500 LPM, both in high speed draft mode.

Printronix has ‘pulled the plug’ on the P5000 for service parts and the plans of the install base to continue to rely on the P5220 and P5215.  Here is the Printronix Line Matrix P5 series printer End of Support Announcement of August 12, 2013.

Critical in the announcement is the Advanced Exchange for the shuttle mechanism, along with all other spare parts and firmware/software support.

Printer Connection has a great supply of new in-box Printronix P7000 printers including the P7220, the fastest line printer in the Printronix P7000 family.  The cabinet model P7220 is a sound-suppressed (55 dBA) quiet cabinet style for high speed and quiet operations.  The P7220 and the P7215 are the most popular models for those companies with serious amounts of mission-critical printing.

Review the Printronix P7220 / P7C20 at this website page:

For more information, contact Warren Neeley or 817-939-5614