Wednesday, February 21, 2018

SATO CL4NX and SATO CL6NX Printer Rebate Through March 2018

Savings of $300 for Competitive Trade-in on SATO CLNX Printers.

If it is time to update your label printers, there's no time like the present to act. Buy new SATO CL4NX 4"or SATO CL6NX 6" thermal printers and trade-in an old competitive thermal printer unit, and SATO will send you a check for $300. Get it done by the end of March 2018. You can read the details here:

You can 'Double-Dip' your savings when you choose onsite service. Choose the 2Yr/2nd day warranty extension at the time of your order, and grab the "2-2-150" offer for just $150 (regular price is $424). Check out more on this offer on our site:

Summary Example: Buy SATO CL408NX with wired Ethernet, together with SATO 2-year, second business day onsite service, by 3/30/18. Trade-in a competitive unit, by 04/30/2018. Total net out-of-pocket of less than $1000, plus freight and tax.

For more info, qualifying competitive units, and a quote for your special requirement, contact us at or 866-430-6202.

SATO has a lot of very informative videos available on the CLNX. Here is how easy it is for replacement of the label roll with an internal rewinder.

Monday, July 3, 2017

Industrial Printer Supplies from Printer Connection

New Website for Ribbons and Printer Supplies 

Several customers have asked us to create a credit-card-purchase website for their reorders of printer ribbons and toner. We are happy to accommodate that request, and proud to announce our site:

Tally Tabletop Dot Matrix Ribbons

Printronix and InfoPrint Line Printer Ribbons

MicroPlex F32 Laser Printer Toner and Consumables
This site is built for our customers, so if we can help with items not found out there yet, just please let us know. We'll do what we can to fit your needs in printer supplies.

Today, one can find these areas:

Printronix Line Printer Ribbons
IBM Line Printer Ribbons
Tally Dot Matrix Printer Ribbons
TallyGenicom Line Printer Ribbons
MicroPlex F32 Laser Supplies
Compuprint Dot Matrix Ribbons
Light Duty Tally Dot Matrix Printers

 For more info, or to ask about any printers, contact Warren Neeley at 866-430-6202 or visit us at

Saturday, February 11, 2017

MicroPlex F32 Laser Printer - As said in Monty Python "I'm Not Dead"!

MicroPlex F32 Laser Printer

MicroPlex F32 with optional Stacker/Stand
IS IT DEAD? NOPE! You can reject others that tell you the MicroPlex F32 continuous form laser printer is at end-of-life. Not true when you deal with GLM Group and Printer Connection. PCI has purchased a huge stock of these consumables for this reason along with plenty of spare service parts.  
The MicroPlex F32 Laser is a great, tough 32 PPM continuous form laser printer that is a reliable replacement for MicroPlex F24, Printronix laser legacy customers or any Line Printer running single-part paper or labels.

The F32 Laser Printer features all of the versatility and print quality of a laser printer yet competes with line printer pricing.

The Benefits of a Line Printer Without the Look of Matrix Impact Printing

High speed, high resolution, use of fanfold media, quick warm-up time and quiet operation made it ideal for office environments. These printers are designed for high reliability and ease-of-use.

The MicroPlex F32 is still a solid, reliable wide-format continuous form laser printer. Get your F32 coupled with supplies and service from Printer Connection and GLM Group. Prints up to 32 pages per minute. Plenty of parts and all consumables in our large inventory. Printers ship refurbished in custom shipping crates. Service plans are available.

Learn more about using the MicroPlex F32 in your business. Visit the F32 webpage on or contact Warren Neeley at .

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

New MicroPlex F40 Continuous Form Laser Printer with Flash Fusion

MicroPlex F40 40 PPM Laser
With a list price of under $25,000, the MicroPlex F40 is a great entry point to flash fusing printing. It can handle continuous labels and forms, and media such as PE and PVC. It performs address printing and Cheshire Labels with USPS IMb with an affordable laser.
Impact Line Printers are often rated with their high-speed draft mode. The 1500 LPM Printronix P5215, P7215, and P8215 and the IBM 6400-015 and 6500-V15 line printers are actually 1125 LPM in DP data processing mode. It falls down to 600 LPM in Near Letter Quality if printing ALL CAPITAL LETTERS. It is even slower at 459 LPM if printing mixed case with lower case characters. The MicroPlex F40 is four times that speed and with wonderful 600 DPI clarity.
The low price of the MicroPlex SOLID F40 gives the customer a lot of site flexibility.  The F40 is a great backup machine for a higher speed MicroPlex like the F90 or F166.  Current users appreciate that the MicroPlex Controller is the same across the product line. Some customers like to buy two of the same unit and split or alternate the workload. With the MicroPlex F40, the initial investment is much lower.
Check out for specifications. Contact Warren Neeley at 817-430-6202 or for more information.

Saturday, July 9, 2016

PCI and DASCOM have a great upgrade offer for line printer users

Printer Connection Inc. (aka PCI) is a recognized leader in high-speed business printers and has a long heritage as a reseller of TallyDASCOM, Tally, Genicom and TallyGenicom printers. 

PCI and our vendor partner DASCOM Americas, the source of Tally and TallyDASCOM business transaction printers, now team up and announce a great offer to old line printer users.

Right now, line printer users can get a $500 trade-in rebate when they purchase a new top-end Tally T2380 bundle for each of their older line matrix impact printers they trade in to DASCOM. 

Many business users have experienced that parts are harder and harder to get for these old line printers.  PCI has shared the news of how some line printers and parts are being discontinued by manufacturers.  Many of our PCI customers report they still rely on critical impact printing jobs, but their total volumes have dropped. Now, here's a great and simple answer available to these customers!

Printer Connection is one of the largest DASCOM reseller partners in the country.  To find out the particulars on this packaged offer and to order this special deal, call Warren Neeley toll free at 866-430-6202. IT Resellers are welcome to team with PCI on this deal for their customers.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Thoughts on InfoPrint 75 and InfoPrint 100 CF Continuous Form Printers

Don't be captive in the Ricoh cage with the InfoPrint 75 or InfoPrint 100.


NO NEW PRINTERS: The IP75 and IP100 are no longer sold new. Ricoh never let their Copier / "Office Solutions" dealers have access to sales or parts to deliver service. 

NO RESELLER CONTRACTS: You cannot buy a Ricoh service contract on a used IP75 from a printer reseller if you do not already have a contract with them.  You have to additionally go deal with Ricoh RPPS.

NO VENDOR SALES EXPERTS: Ricoh Production Print Solutions fired all the InfoPrint sales team and resellers that sold into the Distribution and Manufacturing industries. Then, not surprisingly, IP75 and IP 100 sales dropped off to nearly none. The only folks that really understand these printers are the former resellers like Printer Connection.

NO UPGRADE PATH:  There is no follow-on printer for the IP75. Now Ricoh RPPS concentrates on this enormous, million-dollar inkjet press-style print-for-profit equipment.

NO SERVICE CHOICES: You cannot get good third-party InfoPrint 75 service because not enough of these units were sold to put enough parts machines and used parts into the market, and Ricoh is a pain to deal with for parts.

CHOOSE A VENDOR THAT CARES: There are nice choices for new CF Lasers, and you don't have to be captive to a Dead-End product, a 'Don't-Care' vendor and a 'Don't-Want-to-be-Bothered' supply chain for toner.  We have some wonderful solutions for CF printing.  Choose great support, great pre-sales consulting and testing, and Make Printing Great Again (sorry, got carried away...).

Contact Warren Neeley, Printer Connection at 817-430-6202 or

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Dry Erase Markers and the Problem with "Industry Standard"

We got a new dry erase board to replace the old one. The marks on the old one just would not erase, and it was discolored. It was time. So, we got a new board and guess what? Our new board didn't erase any better than the old one. Hmmm. Must be bad old markers, right?
We got new markers, just like everyone uses.  Just like you see everywhere you go.  The "EXPO" brand seems to be what everybody uses.  They are sold by everybody.

New markers on the new board just didn't erase very well. SHOOT! Now what? Did we waste our money on a defective board?

After just not working on the board for a while, I decided to try some no-name markers from another source.  WOW! They erase, like my Dad would say "Slicker 'n a nickel!"  They are GREAT!

What does this have to do with Printers? Customers buy Zebra thermal printers, and WHY?  Everyone, everywhere, and everybody.  But then, ask.  Are Zebras as good as the BEST?  Did folks just GET USED TO THEM? Do Zebras work as WELL AS OTHER ONES?  Are they "Slicker 'n a nickel!" ?

Other units understand and use the Zebra language perfectly, and have been for years. Ask us about thermal printers, and ones that just might work fine in your environment.

I'm sure glad I tried some other markers.  Now, back to my website planning on my dry erase board.