Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Windows 7 and Windows 8 Supported Line Printers and Dot Matrix Printers

Many an enterprise switched to a new software on a new Windows platform, and then faced the issue of trying to bring along their trusty impact printers.  The old workhorse Genicom, Tally, IBM, Printronix, C.Itoh or Dataproducts line printers do not have drivers that support the newest Windows versions.   

Printer Connection has a great selection of printers with the capability to print on the various new Windows systems.  

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Monday, June 30, 2014

Printronix P7220 / Printronix P7C20: Affordable Replacement for the old Printronix P5220 and P5215

Printronix P7220 a.k.a. Printronix P7C20 Cabinet Model Line Printer

There are hundreds of faithful users of the Printronix P5000 family, and many of them use the fastest models in the line.  The P5220 runs at 2000 lines per minute (LPM) and the P5215 hits 1500 LPM, both in high speed draft mode.

Printronix has ‘pulled the plug’ on the P5000 for service parts and the plans of the install base to continue to rely on the P5220 and P5215.  Here is the Printronix Line Matrix P5 series printer End of Support Announcement of August 12, 2013.

Critical in the announcement is the Advanced Exchange for the shuttle mechanism, along with all other spare parts and firmware/software support.

Printer Connection has a great supply of new in-box Printronix P7000 printers including the P7220, the fastest line printer in the Printronix P7000 family.  The cabinet model P7220 is a sound-suppressed (55 dBA) quiet cabinet style for high speed and quiet operations.  The P7220 and the P7215 are the most popular models for those companies with serious amounts of mission-critical printing.

Review the Printronix P7220 / P7C20 at this website page:  http://www.chooseglmgroup.com/Pages/PrintronixP7220LinePrinter2000LPM.aspx

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Printronix P8220 / Printronix P8C20: Heart of a Ferrari, body of the old M1 Abrams Tank

Printronix P8220 or Printronix P8C20 Cabinet Model Line Printer
2000 lines per minute, and stylish too!

The Printronix P8220 is the fastest line printer in the new Printronix P8000 family. Built into a sound-suppressed (55 dBA) quiet cabinet style for high speed and quiet operations, this printer is the most popular model for those companies with serious amounts of mission-critical printing. 

This printer is able to process a box of single part paper in around 30 minutes - or less.  When the P8220 looks ahead and senses a bunch of space with no print required, it leaps to the next line to print. This ability to jump is called paper feed or "slew", and the paper goes by at up to 39 inches per second! If the customer output has few lines of print, it will 'flat chew through' a box of paper in a few minutes. Here's an example: some toxicology firms print multi-part forms for remote lab use. They print the individual lab and doctor names on blank forms, ship them to the labs and they are completed on lab systems or via ball point pen.  These forms may have only six to ten lines of print on a page that could fit 66 lines of print.  A form like this can fly through a Printronix P8C20 / Printronix P8220 in just a handful of minutes.

Review the Printronix P8220 / P8C20 at this website page: http://www.chooseglmgroup.com/Pages/PrintronixP8220LineMatrixPrinterQuietCabinet.aspx

For more information, contact Warren Neeley at WNeeley@PCIprinters.com or 817-939-5614.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Oce VarioStream 6100 Printer Heading to End of Life; Adios to the VS6100!

Oce VS 6100

If your business uses the large Oce VarioStream VS 6100 flash fusing continuous feed printers to generate labels, correspondence, invoices, logistics forms or other documentation, get ready to change printer machines - and very possibly change printer vendors. Oce has sent notices to current users of the pending demise of all support and supplies for the VS 6100. After the crystal ball drops in Times Square this year, don't call Oce for any help or parts.

This heavy-duty, large beast of a printer could support monthly print volumes of up to 2.75 million images! The Oce VS6100 could generate 106 pages per minute of two-up (side-by-side) continuous forms pages of 8.5x11" pages, 53 ppm in one-up, or 68 ppm of single pages turned landscape as a 8.5" tall form. 
Oce 7120 / Oce 7160 with Prisma server/controller
Oce does have one flash fusion printer in two model speeds that will survive this action. They will present the Oce VarioStream 7120 and Oce VarioStream 7160 as the Oce migration alternative.

These Oce units have a lower monthly print volume rating than the VS 6100, are more expensive than the current industry standard printers and use the same print engine available through us from another printer vendor. Understand that these new engines are NOT created by Oce.

Oce requires a large external Prisma server/controller similar to the one required by the much higher volume production Oce IPDS language printer systems. 

IBM InfoPrint 4000 Duplex IPDS Printers
Those huge, hot-roller-fusing production laser printers from Oce and Ricoh/Old-IBM-InfoPrint-Solutions need IPDS and can run hundreds and even thousands of duplex pages per minute - and hundreds of thousands of dollars as well. If you jobs require IPDS, there are other printer options for you. If you don't need IPDS and can run PCL or IGP/PGL, buying the Prisma server/controller for a flash fusing printer requirement is a needless expense.

If you run a small number of IPDS print jobs, we can help you through your migration with easy design and generation of your print without IPDS.

The Oce VarioStream 6100 and migration alternatives from MicroPlex, Sato, and the refurbished IBM InfoPrint 75 can be reviewed on the GLM Group's Oce VarioStream 6100 review web page by clicking here.  

For more information on the Oce VS 6100 and upgrade options with other continuous forms laser printers, contact Warren Neeley. Reach him at 817-939-5614 or WNeeley@PCIprinters.com.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Sato Continuous Laser Printer to Replace Printronix and Other Lasers

If your business generates labels, invoices, logistics forms or other documentation on a continuous form laser printer - or wants to move from impact printers to laser - take notice. Sato Americas has a very high quality continuous form (CF) laser unit that has a very low cost of operation. 

We recently visited the Sato operation in Romeoville, IL and were impressed with the professionalism and the industry knowledge in the people of this organization.  

Not only are the Sato LP 100R laser printers configured, tested and shipped from this location, but Sato Labeling manufactures customer label products under the same roof.  Sato is unique in the industry to be a vendor of both the label stock and the laser printer unit that together can produce high quality production labels in high volumes.  The benefit of this arrangement is that the "finger pointing" is eliminated. No longer can the printer vendor blame the media, and the media folks say that any performance issue is the fault of the printer.  In the heyday of old IBM mainframes, customers called this strategy was called "One Throat To Choke".  It is a great concept and marries the key vendor responsibilities in the production printing of large volume label runs.

The Sato LP 100R can be reviewed on the GLM Group's web page by clicking here.  

For more information on Sato printers or Sato Labeling opportunities, contact Warren Neeley. Reach him at 817-939-5614 or WNeeley@PCIprinters.com.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday? 
What the heck is behind that phrase? What should be bought on #CyberMonday?

Well, “cyber“ showed up as the first word in the title of ‘Cybernetics or Control and Communications in the Animal and the Machine” in 1948. Remember cyborgs from science fiction - surgically or mechanically augmenting humans or animals? Recall the “We can rebuild him. We have the technology” of the Six Million Dollar Man?

Back in the height of the mainframe days of the 1970's, IBMers would battle against CDC and their product line named the Cyber supercomputers.

Now any Starbucks or McDonalds is equipped like what we once described as a cybercafé Рhaving a public and usable connection to the WWW World Wide Web. Now it is getting more difficult to find a cafe that doesn't offer wireless connectivity.

Here’s a great idea. Wrap your Cyber Monday up with last week’s Small Business Saturday.

Forget the “Fox”. What does the Greek say?  The origin of cyber could be from helmsman or steersman, or “skilled in steering or governing”.

What are the perfect products to buy from me on www.ChooseGLMgroup.com today this Cyber Monday? Well, thanks for asking! 

In the spirit of 'CYBER', here’s a condensed shopping list for you: IPDS Printers -- Planet Press Software with enhanced PostScript -- FortisBlue content management software! These are a few of our products that each have their strength in allowing the customer to steer, control and govern the document through creation, delivery and consumption by the intended users.

'Cyber' is about getting enabled to access, guide and control; not only a sales catalog on one's tablet computer but also those systems in one's work life.  Happy Cyber Monday!

For more information, contact Warren Neeley at WNeeley@PCIprinters.com or 817-939-5614.